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Specialist Equipment for Sports Grounds and Recreational Spaces

Maintaining any type of sports surface in top condition is a never-ending task, and Heming Engineering aims to make it as easy as possible for you. We have access to a wide range of equipment for both artificial 3G surfaces and natural grass, from a number of suppliers such as SCH, Amia and Fleming.

The equipment we supply is used by football clubs, cricket grounds, golf courses, dog and horse racing tracks, as well as of course, schools.

How Do You Maintain These Types of Grassed Areas?

Freshly cut grass on a sports field

Mowing the grass in the right way is the most important and perhaps obvious issue when it comes to taking care of most sports fields. It must be mowed to just the right height for optimum condition, though – this depending on the type of use (golf courses are different from football fields) as well as the time of year. It is usually recommended that the grass be mown to a height of 1 to 2 inches during the warmer months and 2 to 3 inches during the colder months, but as stated, this depends on other factors.

The frequency of mowing is also important since freshly cut grass must blend in with the surface after mowing, otherwise, you’re mowing too infrequently. The issue of raking the grass off the field after mowing is another thing that must be considered, as this may cause unnecessary damage. 

It is also recommended that you mow in a new direction every time, so that the freshly cut grass is evenly distributed across the field.

Caffini Weed Wiper

Weeds are a major problem for sports fields, ruining everything from the aesthetics to the functionality of the field. They need to be controlled, but this has to be done in the correct manner, using the right tools and herbicides.

Excess herbicides can be very harmful for sports fields though, making the choice of delivery equipment that bit more crucial. Consult an expert about the type of herbicides and the amount required for your field, as well as the best delivery mechanism, before using them.

Enorossi Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizing the field is as necessary for sports grounds as for any high use grass land. It facilitates the growth of grass on the field and helps maintain health and vigour. However, as grass does not require a lot of fertilizer, too much can do more harm than good, the excess being used by weeds and other unwanted fauna to accelerate their own growth.

Again, consult an expert regarding the type of fertilizers and the amount required before using any on the field, as fertilizers need to be regulated and used with caution.

Tractor towing drilling equipment

Irrigation is an important factor too, but again, do not overdo it, otherwise the pitch will become muddy and unplayable. The level of watering required will depend on the type of grass, your soil type and your geographical location.

As with every other sector that Heming Engineering covers, we know what questions to ask and can provide just the right equipment, something that will meet your individual needs and budget.

Which Type of Mower Should I Purchase?

This is one of those questions that may well be crossing your mind, the often-bewildering range and type of mowers makes it difficult to choose the right one. Which is best for your application?

Fleming Finishing MowerParkland Finishing Mower

Ideal for Sports fields, Fleming Agri offer a wide range of finishing mowers designed with smaller tractors in mind. These finishing mowers leave a fine lawn finish and are ideal for maintaining parks, large gardens, sport pitches, golf courses and roadsides.

These finishing mowers have Cat. 1 linkage as standard so they are ideal for use with compact tractors like Tafe and Zetor.

Zetor Primo Ride-On TractorGrillo Ride-On Tractor

For smaller areas, a ride on mower may well be the best choice, the range from Grillo being sure to have one that meets your requirements. However, as with every other type of garden or agricultural equipment, there are many other suppliers of ride on power mowers.

The experts at Heming Engineering are ready and waiting to assist you, so do please give us a call, when can then guide you down the most appropriate path to just the right sort of mowing equipment.

Besides mowing, grassland of any sort needs other types of care. One of these is the aerator. Aerators perforate the soil with small holes, these allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the surface of the grass, very useful where the soil is very compacted. Both Amia (the Alstrong range) and Fleming offer a range of models, all very important for the related issue of grassland management.

Fleming Flail Mower

The methods used to control weeds will vary dramatically depending on the type of ground / its purpose. Different tools are needed for each, and again, Heming Engineering’s experience is available to you. We know what questions to ask and have access to a huge range of equipment from suppliers like Amia.

Fleming RollerSiromer Roller

Different types of sports fields require different sorts of brushes and rakes, especially as not all are grassed. You may need a surface rake (perhaps one designed for use on artificial surfaces), a Grooming rake or a Triangular brush. There is sure to be one that suits your needs and Heming Engineering are here to make sure you find it.

Whatever Your Needs

Beyond the list and types of sports ground tools mentioned above, Heming Engineering have access to a massive range of other related equipment, and above all, know the right questions to ask.

Please do contact us to discuss your unique requirements, we know we can help.

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