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The Zetor brand represents tradition, quality and reasonably priced products and services. The brand's philosophy is loyalty to its customers, listening to their requirements, innovation, and extension of its assortment. Zetor has been a synonym for Performance, Endurance and Total cost of ownership for over 70 years. These attributes have become the main pillars of the brand.


The Zetor Range

PRIMO Tractor Mower

If you are looking for a compact tractor mower, the Zetor Primo HT20 offers perfect manoeuvrability and stability.

It has an open protective ROPS frame, the great visibility provided making it perfectly suited to the maintenance of lawns and grass surfaces.

It has a tried-and-tested 19 HP Yanmar engine that meets the latest Stage V emission standards. These three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engines provide the necessary power while offering quiet and fuel-efficient operations.

The ZETOR PRIMO tractor has a two-speed hydrostatic gearbox, the dual pedal (forward and reverse) controls making for easy operation.

4WD is the standard, this producing a small turning radius with high traction.

A 54” cutting deck guarantees effective mowing.

Zetor CL35 without cabZetor CL45 with cab

These tractors are compact, easy to operate, and versatile and come in open or cab versions. Their design makes them suitable for all year use of varying types, from garden use to small farms.

The reliable Yanmar engines range from 25 to 37 HP and meet the latest Stage V emission standards. These liquid-cooled three-cylinder engines are well known for their smooth running, reliability, and economy.

Two types of gearboxes can be fitted. The HT model range features three-speed hydrostatic transmissions (two-speed for COMPAX HT 25 models). COMPAX CL models being equipped with a synchronised 12/12 (6/2 – model COMPAX CL 25) transmission as a standard.

The lifting force of the three-point towing hitch can reach up to 12 kN depending on the model, allowing you to work with a wide range of tractor accessories.

The COMPAX 35 and 40 ranges can also be supplied with a cab if desired.

The ergonomic design of the controls simplifies the operation of the tractor and adds to driver comfort. Air conditioning is fitted, and a joystick allows for the easy operation of the loader and any other attached machinery or tools.

Zetor Utilix HT45 TractorZetor Utilix HT55

New Zetor Utilix range features several compact tractors, all of which are ideal for work on small farms, council parks and gardens, sports facilities and small holdings. All have a robust and durable design and excellent power to weight ratios.

The combination of simple and exceptionally comfortable controls, together with their excellent manoeuvrability makes the range of Utilix tractors ideal for work with front loaders and other tools.

There are two 4-wheel drive models in this range, one equipped with a 43 HP and the other 49 HP engines. These 4-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engines meet latest emission standards. Each one uses a fully automated hydrostatic transmission with a 3-range speed control. Speed can be controlled with two pedals (forward and reverse) without the need of mechanical shifting, making control of the tractor amazingly simple and comfortable to drive.

They have a lift capacity of 1.503Kg, therefore providing enough power to control any implements attached to the tractor.

Air conditioning is fitted, and a joystick allows for the easy operation of the loader and any other attached machinery or tools. The clever use of easy to read LED instruments and gauges makes more easy control and operation.

A tree-point hitch is installed as standard.

Zetor Hortus CL65 TractorZetor Hortus HS65

The Hortus range of utility tractors are ideal for smaller farms, each one being powered by an efficient 67Hp engine, giving an excellent power to weight ratio. Equipped with a 70ltr fuel tank allows for extended use.

The transmission offers 4 main speeds, and 3 ranges. A creeper gear is also provided, which means there are a total of 24 forward and reverse gears.

A tight turning circle is provided by the full power transfer to each of the wheels and the axles are top of the line cast iron.

In common with the rest of the Zetor range, the cab offers excellent visibility and is fitted with easy to use controls.

A three-point hitch, which has a lifting capacity of 19kN. Four external hydraulic circuits are provided to control any attached implements.

Zetor Major CL80 Tractor

The Major 80 is an excellent all-rounder, with the fantastic price to power ratio is appreciated by all. It is designed for coupling with many farm implements, attachments, and machines, and is excellent for any towing job. The Major range are fitted with the Deutz farh engines, renowed to be one of the best around.

Major is a lifelong tractor – always reliable, powerful, and easy to maintain.


The 76Hp engine gives the Major tractor the extra power needed for those heavier duty tasks. It has very a low fuel consumption, is exceptionally reliable. Its’ simple construction results in low operating costs and easy and simple maintenance.

Like the Hortus, the transmission offers 4 main speeds, and 3 ranges. A creeper gear is also provided, which means there are a total of 24 forward and reverse gears.

Perhaps one of the unusual things about the Major is just how good it looks. The negative bonnet incline, dominant shape of the front panel, location, and shape of the headlights, give a unique, vivid impression. The new shape of the roof is also more practical, offering a better view. Overall, the new design uniquely combines the robustness of a farm machine with practicability and an attractive, emotionally tuned design.


  • Turbocharged diesel 4 cyclinder 8 valve liquid cooled engine
  • Common rail direct injection
  • Mechanical shuttle transmission
  • 12 forward and reverse gears
  • Power Steering
  • Wet Disc brakes
  • Cab (air conditioning available as an option)
  • 50l per min ahydraulic pump
  • Rear hitch (Type 2)
  • Rear lift max 1800kg
  • Front lift max 1325kg
  • Independent rear Power Take Off
  • PTO fitted with mechanical clutch
  • Mid PTO fitted to some models

Zetor Proxima HS120 Tractor

The Zetor Proxima tractor range provides that bit more power than those shown above. These reliable agricultural machines combine consistent horsepower with a high-quality gearbox.

The HS 120 Premium Model is currently available please contact us for details

Their simple design and robust construction, in common with other models in the Zetor range provide low operating costs with versatility. Just the sort of combination required on many of the UK’s farms.

The engines in this range offer from 80 to 120 horsepower, the gearboxes feature either a two or three stage torque multiplier and a hydraulic reverser is also fitted to HS models.

The lifting force is a huge 45kN and a BOSCH electro-hydraulic control (EHR) can be fitted.

In common with the rest of the Zetor range, the cab offers excellent visibility (including a roof view) and is fitted with easy to use controls.



  • 117 Hp (87.2kW) Engine
  • 4.2l 4 cyl diesel
  • 50.2 gallon Fuel Tank
  • Power Steering
  • hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes
  • Cab (optional air conditioning available)
  • 24 speed power shuttle transmission
  • Hydraulic system supplies 2756 psi (190 bar)
  • Flow rate 50l pm
  • Type 2 Rear Hitch with position control and top-link draft sensing
  • HitchTronic electric draft sensing available on some models
  • Rear lift capacity - 4282 kg
  • Independent rear PTO - 540 /1000 rpm
  • Front PTO 1000 rpm
  • Wheelbase 244cm
  • Weight 4257 kg
  • Front Tyres - 380 / 85 R24
  • Rear Tyres - 460 / 85 R38

Zetor Forterra TractorZetor Forterra HSX140 Tractor

There are 3 versions in the Forterra range. The Forterra CL has a four-cylinder engine with a power range of 96 to 136 hp and a 24/18 gearbox. The Forterra HSX has a modern 30/30 gearbox with a hydraulic reverser. The top Forterra HD model offers higher power (up to 147 hp), has a more robust body, suspended axle and is fitted with a multifunctional control panel.

As with the other models in the Zetor range the simple construction of the engine uses the very minimum of electronic elements, guaranteeing low operating costs, long life, and easy cheaper maintenance.

The new design incorporates Stage V engines, making them fully compliant, with improved lighting and air conditioning completing this excellent package.

Zetor Crystal HD170 TractorZetor Crystal HD170 Tractor working on a field

This is the queen of the range, offering a staggering 171Hp, allowing you to tackle the heaviest of farming jobs. This high power does not mean high fuel consumption or running costs either, both being lower than you might expect. This range is fitted with the Deutz farh engine, renowed to be one of the best around.

The core of this tractor is its’ power plant. The 6-cylinder 4 stroke engine has 24 valves and features common rail injection.

With that sort of power, you need to have a transmission system to match. The gearbox on the Crystal is fitted with the energy saving 40 transmission and easy to use Bowden shifting.

It does not stop there either; the Crystal range is equipped with a new controller for work lights and beacons control. The LED package includes 4 roof lights (with 8 as an option) and 2 spotlights. Other changes include a completely new heating and air conditioning system.

The new roof offers an even better view on the front loader, and for those sunny days there is even a sunroof.

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