Rotary and Flail Mowers

Flail and Rotary Mowing Tractor Attachments

How do you choose what type of mowing attachment to purchase for your tractor?  Many people are unsure of which type to choose, whilst some believe the two basic variants are interchangeable.

This is definitely not the case; both are different and are best used for distinct cutting jobs.

The Differences Between Rotary & Flail Mowing Attachments

Rotary Mowers

  • The Horizontal blades are more versatile, but won’t provide that ‘manicured cut’
  • More suitable for overgrown bush
  • Don’t have sharp blades –  they are large, thick and cut by using pure power
  • Hydraulically powered.

Flail Mowers

  • Cuts with blades (knives) attached to a long shaft
  • Can provide a clean manicured cut
  • Have Y or T shaped spinning blades for precision cutting
  • Powered by your tractors PTO drive or hydraulic power

Which Type of Mower Should I Purchase?

This is one of those questions that may well be crossing your mind, the often-bewildering range and type of mowers making it difficult to choose the right one. 

Which is best for your application?

This is where Heming Engineering can assist. We have 50 years of experience in the field of agricultural and related machinery, which means you can be sure of receiving the very best advice about which type of mowing machinery you should buy.

Whatever your needs, we can source just the right type, something that will meet your individual needs and budget.

Siromer offer a range of small mowers - 1.35m to 1.85m

Enrossi mowers provide larger mower sizes from 1.67m to 3.2m

We can also supply Muthing and Woods Mowers / Mowing Attachments

Flail vs Rotary Mowers: The Basics

These mowers work in very different ways. Both can cut through brush and grass, but they have very different cutting properties and are suited to different applications.

Rotary Mowers

Also known as brush hogs, rotary tractor attachments have a similar design to that of household lawnmowers, but are of course are much bigger. They can clear overgrown grass or brush, in a fast and efficient manner.

Rotary Mower Attachment Heads slice through brush by sucking it upwards, then cutting it with horizontally spinning blades. The action is similar to household lawnmowers, but while these have sharp blades, rotary attachments don’t. Instead, they use large and thick blades, these being very suitable for clearing overgrown brush. However, they can require a lot of power and tend to provide a ‘agricultural finish’. Rotary mowers are typically hydraulically powered.

Flail Mower

These mowers have a significantly different design, the mower cutting with sharp knives which are attached to a long shaft. This type of mower is ideal for cutting down grass for a finished look.

Two different types of knives are used within a flail mower attachment, normally being Y or T-shaped. The blades spin around the shaft, clearing the grass as the shaft runs parallel over the surface. This causes the shredded biomass to be evenly distributed over the width of the cut and left behind as it moves to the next section. The process leaves behind a thoroughly manicured surface. Flail mowers are typically powered by a PTO drive, but can be hydraulically driven.

Depending on the type of ground you are managing, and its purpose, different types of mowers and related equipment will be needed. For example, a farmer’s field or equine pasture, will need a totally different type of mower to one used to maintain a school sports field or golf course.

Amia offer a wide range of mowers, including Flail Mowers, Disc Mowers, Drum Mowers and other innovative models.

Disc and drum mowers are mainly used for mowing grass for sileage and haymaking and can be found under these sectors.

Trailed Topper Mower

As the name suggests, Topper mowers just take the tops of any vegetation off, which can be all that is needed. They can be a lot cheaper than flail mowers too.

Ride on Mower

For smaller areas, a ride on mower may well be the best choice, the range from Grillo being sure to have one that meets your requirements. However, as with every other type of garden or agricultural equipment, there are many other suppliers of ride on power mowers.

The experts at Heming Engineering are ready and waiting to assist you, so do please give us a call, we can then guide you down the most appropriate path to just the right sort of mowing equipment.

Full Range of Mowers Available

Heming Engineering can supply both Woods and Muthing Mowers of all Types. Please contact us for Information

Mowers for hay, haylage and silage.

Toppers for tidying up fields and paddocks.

Mowers for smart parkland, sports pitches and big houses.

Whatever Your Needs

Beyond the list and types of mowers and attachments mentioned above, Heming Engineering have access to a massive range of other related equipment, and above all, know the right questions to ask.

Please do contact us to discuss your unique requirements, we know we can help.

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