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Ground Care Equipment

The area of ground care covers many aspects, some of them falling outside the agricultural arena, whilst others, like vegetation management, are relevant to all land owners. 

Vegetation Management

Heming Engineering can supply a wide selection of vegetation management tools and equipment from a range of suppliers, including Siromer (who have a range of tools compatible with their range of small tractors), AMIA and Orsi. These include hedge trimmers as well as a number of specialist tools such as hedge cutters (also known as hydraulic shredder heads) and other ‘end tools’ that can be attached to your tractor.

Mowers Of All Types Available

Depending on the type of ground you are managing and its purpose, different types of mowers and related equipment will be needed. For example, a farmer’s field or equine pasture will need a totally different type of mower to one used to maintain a school sports field or golf course. In such cases, a ‘finishing mower’, such as those supplied by Muthing can be the best choice.

AMIA offer a wide range of mowers, including Flail Mowers, Disc Mowers, Drum Mowers and other innovative models. .

Disc and Drum mowers are more suited to agricultural use, but also are used by those faced with managing large areas of grassland or pastures.

Which Type of Mower Should I Purchase?

This is one of those questions that may well be crossing your mind, the often-bewildering range and type of mowers making it difficult to choose the right one. Which is best for your application?

This is where Heming Engineering can assist. We have 50 years of experience in the field of agricultural and related machinery, which means you can be sure of receiving the very best advice about which type of groundcare machinery you should buy.

Whatever your needs, we can source just the right type, something that will meet your individual needs and budget.

Tractor towing a topper mower

As the name suggests, Topper mowers just take the tops of any vegetation off, which can be all that is needed. Both rotary and flail versions are available, the rotary version being cheaper of the two types.

Tractor towing a flail mower

The flail mower uses a special type of metal mower blades, called flails (also called knives or hammers by some manufacturers). These are attached to a rotating horizontal drum and are usually arranged in a staggered pattern, which gives a continuous cut whilst reducing mechanical wear to the minimum.

They are especially useful if the ground is uneven or when there is likely to be any large objects in the mowing area, as when a flail hits an immovable object, it will just bounce off. This is different to a rotary mower, as these try to ‘throw’ the object from the mower deck. This can be extremely dangerous in some instances (such as roadside mowing), which makes choosing a flail mower the best decision in many circumstances.

Man riding Grillo mower

Some mowers can be fitted with grass collection systems, some of these being powered versions. Also known as ‘brush collectors’, these provide an improved finish for any grassed area. 

Flail Aerators

Besides mowing, grassland of any sort needs other types of care. One of these is the aerator. Aerators perforate the soil with small holes, these allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the surface of the grass, very useful where the soil is highly compacted. Both AMIA (the Alstrong range) and Fleming offer a range of models, all very important for the related issue of grassland management.

Four types of Siromer small tractor

Heming Engineering are suppliers of two ranges of small tractors, Tafe and Siromer.

Tafe tractors are renowned for their toughness and quality, the range including models producing from 36 to 60 HP. One of their strengths is their simple design. Minimal knowledge is required for operation and servicing. Also, by avoiding sophisticated electronics, the range combines low cost, simple maintenance, with excellent durability.

Siromer tractors also come in a variety of sizes, offering between 25 to 75HP. Some of the higher powered versions have a cab. These tractors have proved to be very popular with smallholders, small farm owners, landscapers as they are well suited for use in orchards, vineyards, and golf courses. In fact, just about wherever a small, manoeuvrable tractor is required.

Weed management equipment being towed across the weeds

The methods used to control weeds will vary dramatically depending on the type of ground / its purpose. Different tools are needed for each, and again, Heming Engineering’s experience is available to you. We know what questions to ask and have access to a huge range of equipment from suppliers like SCH and AMIA.

For example, AMIA’s W240 Weed Wiper is a simple yet effective tool for the selective application of herbicide to reeds, rushes, bracken and thistles etc. Normally used by farmers, this tool may be of use to others.

Equipment cleaning an artificial turf

Artificial surfaces also need care and attention if they are to look their best and offer the absolute best surface for sports and recreation. We offer a range of products for Astro Turf, sand and rubber surfaces.

Whatever Your Needs

Beyond the list and types of ground care tools mentioned above, Heming Engineering has access to a massive range of other related equipment, and above all, know the right questions to ask. 

Please do contact us to discuss your unique requirements, we know we can help.

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