Farm and Agricultural Equipment Repair and Servicing.

Agricultural machinery breaks down all the time, often just when you are in the middle of ploughing that field or harvesting that vital crop.

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Commercial Vehicle Workshop - Van Repairs - Vehicle Welding

Our Workshop can also service commercial vehicles, repair vans and offers a welding service

Heming Engineering can help you avoid (or at least reduce the impact) of farm and commercial equipment failure in two ways.

1. Fast Delivery of Spare Parts (and fitting them) When Trouble Strikes

Our parts department can get a spare part delivered, in many cases the next day, and our skilled engineers can fit the part for you.

2. Stopping the Problem Occurring in The First Place

Many break downs happen because the piece of equipment has not been properly serviced. 

Whilst not bothering with this ‘preventative maintenance’ can seem like a good idea, it can cost you dearly. 

Today’s farming and construction equipment is overly complex, and carrying out simple tests, like ‘oil sampling’, can minimize the chance of problems and extend the life of motors, hydraulic systems, and diesel engines alike.

The high-tech instrumentation and controls can themselves lead to issues, something that often brings the problem-solving skills of our technicians into play.

Imagine what would happen if your combine harvester breaks down in the middle of the harvest? 

Service Plans for Agricultural - Construction Plant Machinery and Commercial Vehicles.

It really is worth looking into a service plan for all your farm, construction plant machinery and commercial vehicle fleet.

Servicing Plans - We will be happy discuss tailor made servicing plans to suit your requirements.

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Our experienced mechanics can service a wide range of crop production, livestock, farming tools and machinery, including: -

Construction equipment can take quite a battering every day, a factor that makes regular servicing even more important, especially if it is being used in harsh or dusty conditions. Call us to discuss your needs and let us create a plan that fits around your equipment and usage levels.

Our servicing team covers equipment including: -

It can take a lot of work to keep your grassland looking good, with the use of a wide range of equipment such as

  • Hedge trimmers,
  • Shredders,
  • Flail mowers,
  • Hydraulic booms
  • and a range of mowers

Our professional technicians can service and fix these types of equipment and lots more to.

A wide range of power harrows and associated equipment are used in the crop production industry. Our service engineers can service and fix the likes of

  • Net rollers
  • Bed Formers
  • Potting machines
  • Bulk Hoppers
  • Horticultural tractor attachments

And more

Skilled, Experienced Team

Our technicians have over 50 years agricultural engineering experience. During this time, they have encountered all sorts of technical issues which they are well equipped to resolve. Our dedicated team can service and maintain a wide range of commercial vehicles and farm machinery.

Onsite Servicing for your convenience

We maintain a fleet of fully equipped service vans that can be with you in noticeably short period, to solve the problem as soon as possible.

If the break down is more serious our service-centre is conveniently located in Willersey, near Broadway, on the Worcestershire-Gloucestershire border, which means we can easily cover the whole of the 3 Counties.

BAGMA Membership

Our professional engineers attend all relevant BAGMA training courses to ensure they are up to date with product knowledge and the latest techniques.

Special Offers

Look out for our seasonal offers including grain dryers, telehandlers, combine harvesters and air conditioning.

Used Farm Equipment for Sale

We always have a wide range of used agricultural and commercial equipment for sale, including tractors, hay equipment, applicators, grinders as well as trucks and trailers.

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