Haymaking and Silage Equipment

Efficient hay making requires a variety of equipment, from cutting, to drying, baling preparation and baling.

Cutting the Grass for Hay

Drum and Disc mowers are considered the ‘go to tool’ when it comes to cutting grass for hay making. Available in various sizes from manufactures like AMIA and Siromer, they are equipped with a number of cutting knives (normally 3 - 6). These work simultaneously to provide an even cut. All these mowers have an apron / curtain that protects the operator from any flying debris.

Siromer drum mowers come in 3 sizes

  • P12 - 1.35m Width – HP required 20 – 35
  • P13 - 1.65m Width – HP required 35 – 75
  • P14 - 1.85m Width – HP required 70 - 90

AMIA supply Enorossi Drum Mowers, these being available in 1.65m and 3.2m sizes.

Both of these have 6 knives for an improved, even cut, the HP required being between 50 and 75 and come with mechanical and hydraulic lifting systems.

Roller Conditioners from AMIA

The roller conditioner shreds and crushes the grass stems, this speeding the drying process. These conditioners, the (DM-C series) are sturdy machines and are, extremely easy to use. They have a rubber roller conditioner, their heavy 3-Point hitch having compensation springs and a hydraulic device for lifting the cutting bar. HP required 75 to 85.

Drying the Hay

Rotary Tedders are designed to enhance crop drying by providing even distribution of the swath. Frequent use allows you to quickly achieve the required dryness of the material and can reduce the loss in yield of up to 30%.

AMIA offer no less than 8 rotary tedders, one version combining a rake. Enorossi hay tedders are characterised by robustness, easy management and properly maintained, will last a long time. All have cardan shaft and protections.

Tractor mowing grass for hay usage

We have a range of mowers and mower conditioners, both drum and disc, three point linkage and trailed for a range of farming systems and sizes.

Enorossi G2 Mounted 2 Rotar Tedder on a field

This Tedder is suitable for all types of terrain, even hilly ones. Best for small farms.

G2 Mounted hay tedder can have pivoting wheels with blocks (push version), or fixed wheels for the ‘pull version’.

Tractor towing Enorossi G6VL Vortex Rotor Tedder

Available in 14, 17 and 19 ft. sizes, the “VORTEX” comes with U-Joint rotor style for better tedding, these also being less problematic. Three different models are available and are ideal for all types of ground. The 17’ hay tedder can be supplied with optional hydraulic tilt. The 19’ tedder features as standard the hydraulic tilt, inside tyre fenders as well as reinforced tine arms. The durable gearboxes providing reliability at fast tedding speeds, it being fitted with cardan shaft and a slip clutch.

Tractor towing Enorossi RR320 3.2m

Featuring a slightly different action from the Tedder, these rakes ‘fluff up’ and spread the cut hay, this increasing the air flow through the crop, thus preserving valuable hay nutrients.

The Windrow rotary rake is made of high quality steel. This ensuring a great performance and a long useful life. The working height can be adjusted with worm screws, pivoting wheels, the unit having an articulated frame featuring a shock absorber. The protection guards can be folded vertically to ensure compact dimensions during transport. There is no need to choose between clean raking and clean crop when you use a Windrow rotary rake.

Ideal for the smaller farm, the tangential tine arm provides optimum raking quality.

The windrow rotary rake is made of high quality steel that ensures great performance and long durability. Provided with 4 tandem pneumatic wheels and articulated frame with buffer, this rotary rake is a very versatile machine. The working height can be adjusted with worm screws, pivoting wheels and by moving the articulated frame. Three-point hitch shock-absorbers ensure shock-free operations when moving from working to transport positions.

The working widths of 4.2 m. (14”) to 4.5 m. (14’8”) make it ideal for working in small field structures. The machines run smoothly even at faster working speeds, and the wide track of the tandem chassis ensures high driving stability.

Tractor towing Enorossi DR 420 Tedder Rake Combination

The Enorossi DR420 4R Tedder Rake Combo is a highly versatile hay tool which can perform 6 different tedding and raking functions. With just a few easy adjustments, the machine can be used to ted, rake a single windrow, rake two windrows and ted material away from the edge of the field.

It can rake up to make rows with spaces of up to 8m between each row, which makes it ideal for self propelled foragers.

Enorossi Hay Top 300

Thanks to its moveable link brackets, the TOP 300 follows the tractor dependably over rough field conditions. To further boost the stability and ability to smoothly follow ground contours, the wheels are angled forward towards the front of the rotors and close to the tines.

The machine provides exceptionally clean raking, even at high working speeds, and produces a loose, fluffy windrow. The windrow width can be adjusted with the crop deflectors. Clean separation from the spread crop allows windrowing across the full working width of 300 cm (9’10”). When working in light crops, it is possible to form a double windrow in three passes. It also features crop deflectors, there being two height settings.

Tractor towing drilling equipment

AMIA’s Enorossi range also includes a number of rakes, these being used to bring hay into windrows and prepare it to be baled. There are three different types of hay rakes: parallel bar, rotary and wheel. The forward motion of the tractor engages the road wheels on the rake, this powering the spinning rake wheels. However, as these wheel rakes are not PTO driven they do not work well with hay that is heavy and wet.

There are 6 versions of these rakes in the Enorossi range:-

  • Easy Rake – pull type rakes
  • Super Star – pull type rake
  • Autosteer – pull type rake
  • Batrake – pull type V rake
  • RT13 – pull type rake
  • RT7 – RT9 – pull type rake

AMIA have two hay balers, one that produces road bales, and the other small square balers.

Tractor towing Enorossi RB120 Round Baler

The RB 120 round baler has a fixed chamber with 16 steel rollers, this helping to keep the straw short in very hot days.

It is specifically designed for harvesting wet crops and is excellent for silage wrapping. It can deal with hard working conditions and is easy to maintain. It has an operating speed of up to 10 Km/h and requires a tractor producing 40 HP or more.

Enorossi Enopack 800 and 900 Square Baler

These square balers are easy to use and are ideal for small and medium-sized farm users. They are available with double twine binding and produce dense and well-shaped bales. These preserve forage qualities and meet the specific requirements for animal feeding.

The ENOPACK 800 model has a chain transmission, while the ENOPACK 900 model has both chain and cardan shaft transmission. All machines are provided with a light kit for road use and have a grease lubricated knotter.

Where silage or haylage is to be made, the final stage in the process is carried out using bale wrappers. AMIA offer 7 different wrappers in two different ranges.

Bale Wrappers BW100

The BW100 is a satellite bale wrapper. It has a self-loading device, allowing the wrapper to pick-up, transport and wrap on the move. Two guide rollers pick-up the bale for wrapping. Satellite pre-stretcher ensures fast and accurate wrapping of the bale. The BW100 is mounted very close to the tractor for good weight distribution and stability during work. It is equipped with a turn bale vertical system for fast collection of the bales from the field.

Tractor towing Bale Wrappers BW150

This bale wrapper is connected to the tractor using a 3-point hitch and is powered by the hydraulic motor of the tractor pump. Aluminium rollers guarantee high quality wrapping and long machine life. It is equipped with a vertical bale positioning kit. Tractors producing 40 HP or more being required. Bales can be wrapped in 1,3/2 min.

Tractor towing Bale Wrappers BW200

The bale wrapper BW 200 is a professional trailed machine featuring a lateral side loading system, and is designed for farmers that are looking for a high performing bale wrapper at a reasonable price. Aluminium rollers guarantee high quality wrapping and long machine life. It has a vertical bale positioning kit. Tractors producing 40 HP or more are required. Bales can be wrapped in 1,3/2 min.

Tractor towing Bale Wrappers BW300

The Bale wrapper BW 300 is a front loading wrapper, its high wrapping speed making it especially suited for larger farms and contractors. This front loading wrapper is very strong and resistant. It has a vertical bale positioning kit. Tractors producing 50 HP or more are required. Bales can be wrapped in 1,3/2 min.

As you can see, the range and type of haymaking equipment is vast, in addition we also do an economy range of mowers and round balers from Metal-Fach, with these variety of options, please contact us to discuss your requirements

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