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A Slovakian firm has produced the world’s first fully electric skidsteer loader. Heming Engineering in the West Midlands has been appointed as a main dealer.

The Elise 900 runs emissions-free from a 240Ah battery that delivers an output of approximately 40hp for up to six hours on a single charge. The recharge time is just five hours, and if a longer operating time is needed, a 400Ah battery can be fitted, giving up to eight hours of runtime.

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Skid Steers – Loaders Suited to Confined Spaces

Skid-steers (also known as skid loaders) are four wheeled (sometimes tracked) vehicles that are mechanically locked in synchronization on each side. The wheels on both sides are driven independently from the other. Typically, there is no steering mechanism. The vehicle is turned using differential steering. Here the left and right wheel pairs are operated at different speeds. The machine turns by skidding or dragging its fixed-orientation wheels across the ground, hence its name ‘skid steer’. 

This steering method has the advantage of being able to turn on the spot. This zero-radius, "pirouette" turning makes them extremely manoeuvrable and well suited for applications that need a compact, agile loader, such as the insides of an animal shed. The electric drive of the Elise being especially useful in such enclosed spaces..

Such machines must be very strongly constructed. Without their rigid frames and strong wheel bearings, the torsional forces caused by this dragging motion would cause severe damage to lesser machines.

More About the Elise Compact Mini Skid Loader

There are three motors in all, two of which drive the wheels, while the third powers the hydraulic system. This provides an oil flow of 65 litres/min.

Each wheel is fitted with a planetary gearbox, allowing the transfer of power from the high-speed electric motors, giving an 13kph maximum travel speed.

The rated load capacity is 900kg with a tipping load of 1,800kg, the maximum boom height is 3.4m.

The Elise 900 is ideal for use on poultry, pig, and small farms, as well as in factories, builders’ yards, and the construction industry, anywhere where space is limited.

The Elise gives you all the performance of diesel vehicles without the emissions and noise. Making it ideal where the latter could cause issues with the neighbours. It is also perfectly suited to the landscaping, amenities, and equine sectors.

Large Range of Attachments – Implements and Tools

Kovaco makes some 30 attachments for the Elise, including road sweepers, buckets and a 180deg digging arm. A towing eye is fitted as standard.

Click here to download a PDF of Elise attachments.

Remote Control

In some instances, being able to remotely control the unit may be useful. This is another useful feature and is made possible via a dedicated mobile app. This doubling up as an in-cab display. The display shows the speed at which the vehicle is moving, details of how the hydraulics are working, information on the bucket self-levelling, battery usage and remaining power, as well as the two joystick control function when in 'remote mode'. The system has a 15m range.

The Elise 900 uses gyro-sensors to ensure stability. This proprietary self-levelling system results in outstanding stability. The Elise 900 has a tilt angle of 47 degrees. This and combined with an industry-leading chassis clearance provides a high safety factor for the driver. It also allows for a comfortable ride.

Heming Engineering Your Local FirstGreen Industries Supplier

Heming Engineering has been appointed as sole dealer for the Elise loader across Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, and Oxfordshire.

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