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For anyone who loves and cares for horses, whether a private owner or someone running a livery, competition yard or riding school, keeping horses working and playing in a healthy environment is essential.  For instance, level manèges with an even distribution of material makes schooling more pleasurable and much safer too.

At Heming Engineering we have over 50 years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, this allowing us to provide you with the very best of advice. We can supply a wide range of new equipment, from a number of suppliers, such as Amia, as well as used equipment.

Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that we can assist, finding the right equipment for your specific needs and budget.

Paddock and Pasture Maintenance

Amia offer a range of cleaning equipment for paddocks, this including a number of paddock cleaners / horse poo vacuums. These not only allow you to keep your paddocks and pastures clean, but also assists with parasite control and helps pastures recover from use. Plus, it’s a lot easier than using a shovel and wheelbarrow.

Simple to operate, the inbuilt petrol engine creates a powerful suction action through the 5 ” pick-up hose. The Trafalgar range of paddock cleaners are lightweight and are easily pulled around the yard or paddock, whilst being rugged enough to tackle the task in hand. They operate in any conditions, wet or dry.

They can be towed behind ATV’s, ride-on mowers and compact tractors like Tafe or Zetor.  

Paddock Mowers

Horses require quite a lot of land, which means you will require various types of mowing equipment - these ranging from paddock toppers to flail mowers - to keep them in tip top condition.

Heming Engineering can supply Paddock mowers manufactured by Woods, Muthing, Siromer, Fleming and AMIA.

For example, AMIA’s RM150 Rotary Paddock Topper / Mower is the perfect tool for the maintenance of paddocks, small fields and large gardens / parkland. Designed from the ground up to be simple & easy to maintain and yet tough and hard working, it allows you to tackle rough fields and paddocks with ease. With a 1.5m (5′) cutting width, large areas are covered quickly and easily, with the RM150 Paddock mower bale to cope with everything from wet grass through weeds and even light areas of rushes & reeds.

Flail Mowers

Tough mowing tasks require a different type of mower, the FM120 Flail mower from Amia being specially designed for such mowing tasks including mowing on rough, wet & boggy ground, where heavier units could become stuck. The combination of a lightweight towing vehicle such as an ATV, UTV or 4×4, and the low weight of the FM120 Flail Mower allows the toughest tasks to be tackled with ease. Built to be exceptionally tough, yet have a low ground pressure for easy towing, the FM120 Flail Mower can go where other machines may falter.

Arena and Manège Maintenance

Arenas, sand schools and gallops require careful and timely maintenance, this making all the  difference between a long-lasting, brilliant riding surface, and a hard, dusty surface which can endanger both you and your horses.

As you can imagine, this regular maintenance must be carried out using the right tool for the job. Using an old gate or harrows to level the arena surface cannot be recommended, as this could be causing a lot of damage to the riding surface and will inevitably diminish your riding experience.

In this instance the right tool is a grader, like Amia’s MG250. Such units lift the top of the surface, level it, and re-lay it to a consistent depth and firmness across the whole arena. Hard spots are eliminated, dust is reduced, and drainage is improved.

If you are using an advanced fibre or wax stabilised surface like CombiRide, Turfloat or CLOPF, then a maintenance regime is even more essential, as it is necessary to orientate the fibres correctly to give the desired surface feel.

Whether your manège uses sand, rubber, waxed & fibre-stabilised surfaces or even wood chip, the MG250 grader will grade them all. Ideal for use behind you existing Quad / ATV / Compact Tractor (Tafe and Zetor models also being supplied by Heming Engineering), the MG250 arena leveller with its 2.4m blade working width and optional spring tines allow you to maintain your arena quickly and efficiently.

Other Equestrian and Related Equipment Also Available

Besides the equipment listed above, Heming Engineering can supply a range of related equipment. For example, besides small tractors from Tafe and Siromer we also have innovative products like the electric skid steer from Kovaco (its quiet operation being a real advantage around skittish or young horses).

We offer other equestrian tools too, so please do contact us. We will be happy to give you the benefit of our 50 years of experience and are sure to be able to help.

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