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Heming Engineering is the Fleming Dealer for The Cotswolds area but also can provide trailers from Broughan and a number of other suppliers. 

Fleming is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment with a dealer network that covers the British Isles & Ireland, with customers as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

AMIA supply the UK, offering a number a leading agricultural brands, covering a wide range of farming equipment. AMIA work through a number of dealerships, Heming Engineering covering the Three Counties.

Whatever type of farming trailer you are looking for, be it to transport livestock, feedstock, bedding, hay bales, manure, rubble or other materials around the farm, we can help.

Types of Trailers

Fleming Silage TrailerBroughan Silage Trailer

We offer a wide range of sileage trailers, some featuring removable sileage sides, so they are relatively simple to swap between root-crop haulage sileage and grain. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fleming Grain TrailerBrougham Grain Trailer

Grain Trailers play an important role during the harvest season, therefore it is necessary to ensure the grain trailer you select is going to be suitable for the job in hand, robustly built and from a reputable brand. We offer a wide range of sizes and budget to cater for your requirements.

Fleming Flatbed TrailerBrougham Low Loader Trailer

Fleming Agri flatbed bale trailers use only the highest quality of materials, this resulting in a durable, robust trailer. Sprung axles are used to allow for smooth travelling as standard, making them ideal for transporting a range of loads including bales and fertiliser.

These trailers use a one piece axle, an 8ft wide body with a 4mm floor and feature a sturdy headboard.

As the name suggests, these semi trailers present a low loading platform. Two levels of trailer height are provided, one right after the gooseneck, the other just in front of the rear axles. This arrangement allows the trailer bed to be extremely low compared to normal trailers.

Fleming Dropside TrailerSiromer Dropside Trailer

Dropsides are compact, versatile trailers designed for carrying materials such as sand, gravel, green waste and manure.

Fleming Dump TrailerBrougham Dump Trailer

Due to the fact the loads carried by these trailers can be very heavy, hydraulic systems are used to raise the bed of the trailer, this allowing the load to be deposited, safely in the desired position. Three lifting mechanisms are used: Telescopic-style, Dual piston lift, and Scissor lift. Some are also fitted with a ‘gravity down’ option, this saving battery life where the lifting system is self powered.

Brougham Livestock Trailert

Livestock trailers, also known as stock trailers, are as the name suggests used to move livestock around a farm or to external locations, such as markets and country shows.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some being suitable for towing by a family car, others needing a 4 x4 or a tractor.

Fleming trailers come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities. These are made using high tensile steel plate, hydraulic powered high tip action (makes for easier cleaning) and air or hydraulic brakes. They also can have reinforced sides and other special features, including having the lights fitted in protective channels, this minimising the chance of damage.

A range of Monocoque Tipping Trailers are available, with capacities from 8 to 16 tons.

Other features include:

  • Sprung drawbars to improve towing characteristics
  • Tapered bodies to improve unloading
  • Large floatation tyres
  • Access ladders

Whatever your needs our 50 years of experience is at your disposal. Call us and let us demonstrate just how much we can help you.

Our service-centre is conveniently located in Willersey, near Broadway, on the Worcestershire-Gloucestershire border, thus allowing us to support our many customers in the Three Counties and the Cotswolds.

Special Offers

Look out for our seasonal offers including grain dryers, telehandlers, combine harvesters and air conditioning.

Used Farm Equipment for Sale

We always have a wide range of used agricultural and commercial equipment for sale, including tractors, hay equipment, applicators, grinders as well as trucks and trailers.

We always have a wide range of used agricultural and commercial equipment for sale, including tractors, hay equipment, applicators, grinders as well as trucks and trailers.

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