Orchards and Vineyards

Specialist Vineyard and Orchard Equipment

Orchards and Vineyards require a very different type of machinery to the other areas of horticulture, one of the reasons for this being the layout of the growing area, the other of course the type of food being grown.

Rotary Power Harrows

One of the most useful types of heavy machinery for use in orchards and in vineyards, Heming Engineering, are pleased to be able to supply the full range of Moreni power harrows.

Moreni Ascot Power Harrow

This model comes in 7 sizes, offering harrowing zones from 800cm to 2metres, featuring between 4 and 10 rotors. The Power Transfer Output speed runs from 302 to 540, the HP of the tractor varying between 15 and 80.

Moreni Vitis Power Harrow

This larger model comes in 8 sizes, offering harrowing zones from 935cm to 2.5metres, featuring between 4 and 10 rotors. The Power Transfer Output speed runs from 281 to 540, the HP of the tractor varying between 30 and 130.

Six different types of rollers are available:-

  • Cage rollers
  • Packer rollers
  • Spiked rollers
  • Mesh rollers
  • Smooth rollers
  • Spiral rollers

These models also come in 4 versions:-

  • The standard 2 blade rotor
  • A Stone protected rotor
  • A 3D, 3 bladed rotor
  • The Vitis Q quick release system

Moreni Soft Seed Drill

This model comes in 5 sizes, offering seeding zones from 935cm to 3metres, featuring between 9 and 25 seeding elements. The Power Transfer Output speed runs from 284 to 540, with the HP of the tractor varying between 35 and 120. Packed with features, the seeding elements have adjustable pressures, hydraulic exclusion and the inclination of the seeding discs can be adjusted. Row exclusion, seed size and quality adjustments are also provided.

Moreni Sharp Seed Drill

Featuring SOVESCIO technology, this model comes in 5 types.

The advantages of the SOVESCIO technology are many:-

  • Soil biodiversity is improved
  • Nitrogen levels are increased
  • Soil structure and porosity improved
  • Improved erosion control and lower fertile soil loss
  • Humus and organic substances levels are increased

6 types of metering rollers are available:-

  • The FB-F-FB-FB - for small seeds with limited quantity
  • Flex 10 - seed mix with limited quantity
  • F-F-F-F - large seeds in large quantities
  • Flex 20 - standard seed mix
  • G-G-G - large seeds
  • Flex 40 - seed mix for large quantities

There are different types of controllers too, with automatic seeding adjustment depending on the speed of the tractor. There is even the ability to add a GPS sensor for extra control.

Moreni Bio Clean Power Harrow

This useful power harrow allows vineyard and orchard owners to harrow effectively between plants in a single row, in one simple operation.

Featuring 1 or 2 rotors, each with a harrowing size of 130cm. It requires the tractor to supply between 40 and 90 HP.

Crumbler Bar

Also known as a Packer Roller, this piece of equipment can be fitted to a variety of Power Harrows and ensures that the soil is broken down to an even consistency.

Spraying Equipment by Caffini

Caffini Spa have a long history in the design and manufacture of a range of sprayers, these including Boom Sprayers, Mist Blower Sprayers as well as a range of Special Spraying machinery. They even offer a mechanical weed killing machine that is perfect for the fruit farmer.

Crop dusting equipment is also available from Amia.

As you can see, the range and type of orchard and vineyard equipment is vast and this makes the selection of the right one difficult.

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